Dear You: We See You

Dear you,

We see you. Some days, that’s all you need to hear.

You need to know that your existence matters – that you’re not just straight-up invisible. Because there are some moments when you walk down the street, or down the hallway, or into a room, and you wonder exactly that: you wonder if people even see you. If your presence means anything at all. And I get it. Sometimes, it feels like people have become so focused on their own problems that they forget to look – really look – at the people they’re passing.

And it’s not necessarily on purpose. It’s not always this sinister, malicious thing they’re trying to do. Really, we’re all guilty of it from time to time. It’s just that the world is so cluttered and clustered and there’s so much stuff grabbing and begging for our attention that we simply don’t realize there’s someone standing in front of us, silently screaming for us to ask – honestly ask – “How are you?” and wait for the answer.

We crave to know that we matter. We all do. A simple “How are you?” could make all the difference in someone’s world today.

And you may be tired of being strong. You may be tired of putting on a brave face and going out into the world, smiling. Of pretending like everything is okay while inside, you’re screaming and aching to tell anyone who’ll listen that no, you’re not okay. That you don’t know how much longer you can keep this up.

So if you’re looking for someone to say it’s okay to be honest, then I want you to listen closely:

It’s okay.

I’m not saying that you should walk around with your head down 24/7, because darling, you deserve to hold that head high. What I am saying is that it’s okay to be honest. It’s okay to admit that no, you’re not okay. And when you confess that you may need a little extra help and grace at the moment, chances are you’ll find someone else who’s been through the same thing. Honestly, I don’t think you realize how many people out there absolutely get it.

So. We see you. And you matter.

You matter so much.

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